Tuesday Treat: DEGF Ice cream (Dairy. Egg. Gluten. Free)

Tuesday Treat: DEGF Ice cream

© Life Diet Health 2015

© Life Diet Health 2015

It’s freezing cold! There is a shimmering frost all over my grass, my fence, my shed. The bird bath is frozen solid and where their food should be is just a glistening tray. So it’s cold! BUT… that doesn’t stop me wanting to eat ice cream! Well… not strictly ice cream per se but a delicious frozen treat nonetheless! This is so quick and easy you don’t really need a recipe but just for those who haven’t discovered it, here is my version of a yummy DEGF (and guilt free too!) desert! It does need some preparation though, but once you have the essential ingredient, you can make this in minutes (or seconds!) Over ripe bananas? No time to make cake? So, peel, slice, put in a plastic food bag and put in the freezer! That’s your prep done! Always try to keep at least one sliced frozen banana in stock… it makes for an amazingly quick and easy desert!


  • 1 Sliced Frozen Banana
  • 1 teaspoon liquid sweetener (I use agave)
  • 30ml milk (I use coconut milk) – this is optional depending on the consistency you like!


  1. Let the banana soften slightly then put in a blender / food processor
  2. Pulse to chop it up, then add sweetener and blitz it up
  3. Add milk if you like a softer consistency
  4. Ta da! That’s it! Scoop out.
  5. Enjoy!


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