Tomorrow is another day! Don’t stress the chocolate!

Tomorrow is another day! Don’t Stress the Chocolate!

Well! Today hasn’t exactly gone to plan… not that I had a plan as such, but besides trying to catch a glimpse of the eclipse, that is so far all my day has achieved! Okay, so that is not strictly true! I had a phone call from a friend which lasted almost two hours! 🙂 Sometimes people just need to talk and so my morning was spent mostly listening! Listening is a great skill which I have actually been studying about for the past few months! Listeners should remain attentive and not interrupt although they should show signs of listening (think nodding, eye contact, minimal encourages such as ‘yes’ and ‘go on’). For the person talking, having someone who just listens and doesn’t judge can be so helpful, so powerful and can create solutions in itself. Next time someone starts talking to you, put your phone down, turn of the tv, move away from the computer and just listen! Without seemingly doing anything, ‘you’ could truly have a massive impact on someone’s life!

As I said… ‘tomorrow is another day’ so rather than worrying about what you were ‘supposed’ to do today, instead concentrate on the things you still have time to do!? 🙂 Don’t stress the chocolate! There has been and still will be, a new healthy chocolate dessert coming to Life Diet Health soon! I am working on the finer details and trying to get a fool-proof recipe but it will very soon be ready to share! 🙂 Chocolate doesn’t like to be rushed and there’s only so much tasting you can do! 😛 🙂 As time is short and the hours pass all too quickly, what I had intended to post today, will be posted another day! 🙂 Hopefully you’ve all had a great Friday and are ready for the weekend! 🙂

I will leave you with chocolatey thoughts…

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