Where am I?! Vegetables for breakfast?

Where am I?! Vegetables for breakfast?

Well, what a surprise! In my busy hectic couple of months I have been whisked away for a few days break! šŸ™‚

So… just quickly before going to the spa! šŸ˜› šŸ™‚ Where am I???

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Yes, vegetables for breakfast! It wasn’t the only choice of course but I didn’t want cheese or ham, neither did I want fried eggs and sausage! Fresh fruit yes please and salad? Well, I had tomatoes and cucumber but even I could not stomach lettuce, carrot and sweetcorn first thing! This doesn’t look like the healthiest option but it was so tasty and kept me full up until dinner! That is dinner 1800h, not dinner lunchtime at 1200h! šŸ˜› šŸ™‚ Oh.. maybe the oats helped?! No idea what they do to their oats here because I’m sure at home I wouldn’t entertain the idea of putting milk on raw oats and eating them! Oh, and get this! Not only is there soya milk for breakfast, there is also rice milk or oat milk! Wow!

I’ll let you have a think and I’ll be back soon! šŸ™‚

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