Beans! Falafel and ‘Free-From Food’ Travel

Beans! Falafel and ‘Free-From Food’ Travel

Happy weekend! 🙂 Those of you who have had half term this week, I hope you enjoyed it to the full (like we did)! 🙂

If you read my last post you will have seen that we are travelling… but where are we?! Here are some clues…

Let’s have a look at what ‘Free-From’ food is available here? For a start there’s fruits – mostly melons, apples, oranges, grapes, avocado, mango, pineapple, limes and plums from what we’ve seen. Vegetables don’t tend to feature too much as main meals, but salads are available in most places and the people are friendly enough to provide something different to what’s on the menu!

Falafel! Yes… this is fast becoming a vegan favourite and it is widely available here – just ask! As with most things here it doesn’t appear to be over processed, generally just chickpeas and herbs! 🙂 Almost always served with houmous and usually bread – but ask if you can switch the bread for salad if you’re gluten free.

Beans! I love beans, lentils, chickpeas and suchlike but not usually for breakfast – okay we do quite often have chickpeas for breakfast actually (these less the veg)! In our hotel there are these same beans everyday! Not British baked beans no! (although they did have those this morning)! but beans which are quite literally just beans! Well so it seems!

Any ideas yet where we are? Have a look at this… BIG fun!

So now you have it… shiny tall random buildings, fruits, falafel, houmous and beans…where are we?!? 😀

18 thoughts on “Beans! Falafel and ‘Free-From Food’ Travel

          • Haha! That dude has been everywhere! :p That’s great to hear. It’s always a plus to find healthy and free from foods. Do you know what they put in their falafels? 🙂 Yes, but not without a bucket of sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and a recommended eating guide! 😉

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            • I checked the falafels and eventually (in a combination of pidgin English, Arabic and Turkish)! discovered that they are actually just chickpeas with garlic, coriander, parsley, sesame (or tahini) and salt. That’s it! No breadcrumbs or flour, just chickpeas and herbs! Delicious! So simple yet so tasty! 🙂 Are you going to make some?

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            • Labels can be nightmares! That’s great! We wish more foods would opt for alternative processing; not all items need wheat flour, milk powder or lactose. We made some the other week, but they will definitely be back on the menu plan soon enough. You should make some and recreate some of your holiday magic! 🙂

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            • I don’t tend to buy things with labels as I make most things using single ingredients 🙂 When I said I checked the falafels I meant with a person… or two or three! 😛 😀 It’s incredible how difficult it was to find a native speaker in Dubai!!! I’m sure we’ll make some again soon… hubby has a tendency to think they must be deep-fried though!!! but at least its one vegan food he’ll happily munch on! Were the ones you made just with chickpeas and herbs?

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            • Yeah, so do we, but everyone deserves a night off once and a while. 🙂 We can only imagine! You’ll have to start a foreign food guide for free from foods. Bake some with a little oil sprayed on top and see if he notices the difference! 😀 No, we used a couple spoons of rice flour, but if you were to use more tahini, than you probably wouldn’t need it!

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