Happy Mothers Day. Vegan & Free From EASY crepes!

Happy Mothers Day: Vegan and Free From EASY crepes.Β 

To all of you wonderful Mums celebrating Mothers Day today (it’s Mothers Day in the UK today) I’d love to wish you all a fantastic day. πŸ™‚

Mother, Mum, Mummy, Mam or anything else you may be called here’s praying that today especially you are rewarded for all of your hard work!DSC_1347

Who else would wake up at the crack of dawn (or even through the night) just because you’re awake? Who else would make breakfast, lunch and dinner for you EVERY day? Who else would comfort you when you’re poorly? Who else would wipe away the tears? Who else would take time off work to attend assemblies, performances, sports events? Who else would traipse all over to take you to out of school clubs and friends houses? Who else would let you have friends over to play or even sleepover? Who else would brush your hair, clean your face & wipe your nose?! πŸ˜› Who else would help you with your homework & read a bedtime story? Who else would make sure you had clean, ironed clothes? Who else would turn your day around if it wasn’t going to plan? The answer is usually Mum! Think of all the things that Mums do… That’s a LOT of unpaid work! So, today, be thankful and grateful for all Mums everywhere. πŸ™‚ We love you Mums. πŸ™‚


Oh… What a well trained boy! Without a recipe, just on seeing how they’re made, I was presented with these gorgeous crepes for breakfast in bed! Three simple ingredients (& a lot of love) produced thin, crispy crepes… Vegan and Free From of course! No measuring! I was given instructions: oats in the blender, milk which soaked into the oats, a banana, then milk to cover the banana. Blitz it for a long time until smooth then pour into a pan with a bit of coconut oil. Well… I know he’s not reading this but I was VERY impressed! πŸ˜€ Maybe someone will tell him! πŸ˜› They were so very delicious especially with the chocolate sauce and black cherries. YUMYUM!

Happy Mothers Day everyone x x x

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