Festive Feast Ideas! (Free-From too)!!!

Festive Feast Ideas! (Free-From too)!!!

This week I had absolutely no idea what to post! I’ve been eating of course but mostly pumpkin (again) and chickpeas (as usual)! 😛 So I decided to do a round up of recipes instead to help you get some ideas for the festive season! 😀 This was great fun to look through all my old recipes (please excuse some of the photos)!  I’ve added some sweet, some savoury goodies, some baked and some raw. All delicious (of course) ideas to get you thinking about what might work for you, your friends and family. Let me know what your favourites are and if you make any of them, please share photos! 🙂

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Let’s start with pulling up a chair with a cup of  Festive Spiced Mulled Tea ooo and some crunchy spiced nuts (savoury or sweet)!

If you’re feeling peckish before you start… make a stash of these nachos! nom nom nom!

Nachos beans and guacamole WM

Mexican Nacho Stack

So a festive starter – bright, vibrant, bursting with warm flavours… yes, it’s soup! Roasted pepper and onion soup or if soup would be too filling, how about my favourite little nut cutlets! Don’t be put off by the green banana ingredient! These little green banana & nut cutlets are the most moorish thing ever! Make sure you make a stash and freeze them so you’ve always got something on hand that can quickly be added to a buffet, stuffed in a sandwich, served as a starter or even produced as a substantial main. Talking of mains, how about this garlic mushroom nut loaf or if you have time and really want to impress, a colourful vegetable stack as a great centrepiece for any table – how about adding a creamy sauce or even a tomato based dressing?

Vegetables! Well, a vegan or vegetarian meal wouldn’t bode very well without any veg! Try these easy roasted vegetables to go with any meal (veg or meat based)! Or, if you add some gravy (or sauce – houmous goes well), eat these on their own as a tasty lunch or dinner!

Sweets and desserts more your thing? Try this spectacular Creamy Cheesecake – sure to be devoured quickly by everyone! Chocolate more your thing? Brownies? Mousse? or just chocolate! 😛 Homemade chocolates make a wonderful gift, but if you’re a biscuit kind of person try these festive cinnamon cookies! 🙂

Cheese? I hear you ask! Well, of course, we couldn’t finish on something sweet could we? or could we? 😛 Well, here’s a cheese for everyone!

There are so many other delicious foods I rediscovered looking back through all my recipes… I think I’m going to make a batch of these cookies now! 🙂

Sharing  all of these with Deborah over at the Plant Based Potluck Party 🙂  and  Mary Ellen & Kimmy at Healthy Vegan Fridays. 🙂 Come on over and join us! 🙂

I hope this gives you all some food for thought (sorry! 😛 ) Have a fantastic weekend and if you’re opening an advent calendar I hope you get something pretty, tasty, fun or useful! 😀


8 thoughts on “Festive Feast Ideas! (Free-From too)!!!

  1. What a great roundup of festive treats! That vegetable stack looks beautiful and I’d love some of that mousse right now! Ooh and the nachos – I can’t choose!

    Thanks so much for linking up with us for Healthy Vegan Fridays! I’m Pinning and sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Mary Ellen! 🙂 I thought you’d appreciate lots of goodies! Indeed too many to choose! I wonder how long it would take to make them all! 😛 Thanks once again for hosting… I love joining your party! 🙂 ps… nachos I think! 😛


  2. Ah look at that colourful vegetable stack! So beautiful! And the garlic mushroom nut loaf sounds divine.
    What a fantastic roundup you have here! I appreciate you sharing this as I have missed out 😉
    The desserts and cheese also look especially delicious. Yum!

    Liked by 1 person

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