Happy February! :)

Happy February! 🙂

Can you believe a whole month of 2017 has passed already? Veganuary has finished but I hope if you took part you’ve learnt something? had some amazing food? and considered continuing? … be that a couple of times a month or full time! 🙂


Last night I realised that I’ve managed to keep my new years resolution so far… which means I’ve drunk over 62 pints (31 litres) of pure fresh water! We know we should drink more but how many of us actually do? Sure, I drink tea (jasmine or mint usually), the odd cup of coffee, juices and smoothies which count towards the recommended 2 litres a day – but I wanted to ensure that at least half of it was just pure water. The first few days I wasn’t so good at remembering and my late night drinking kept me up half the night! Now that it’s been a whole month (31 days to be precise) it’s become a new habit… hooray! 🙂


So now we have February! Many people when they think of February automatically think of Valentines Day (February 14th hubby if you’re reading! 😛 ) but for those on their own this can bring a whole host of emotions. Sadness, jealousy, guilt, unworthiness, sorrow, distress and even feelings of anxiousness. Even for those in a relationship, woe betide those who forget… or maybe worse to suddenly buy lavish gifts or make extravagant gestures when in previous years there’s been none! Basically whoever you are, in whatever stage of relationship or not, there will be a smidgen of feelings around this ‘one day’ that are not present at any other time! That said, February in general can cause feelings of malaise and melancholies especially (in the UK) due to the cold, dull and dreary weather.

So, what can we do? Firstly, I would suggest that if you are aware of such feelings that that is a great start! 🙂 Secondly, sharing these feelings can instantly make you feel better – even if you only feel you can share it online or maybe only in a personal diary.


Then I would do something which makes you feel happy (but not guilty)! If you have a hobby, then that’s great – do that! 🙂 Exercise is great at creating the feel good factor- even a walk around the block or dancing to something lively; TV has so much choice there’s probably a film or a comedy on whatever the time is; phone a friend, a family member or better still, go and visit them; you could do something artistic- have you tried adult colouring?; maybe bake something – sweet or savoury (brownies?); do some gardening -pick up a few leaves, plant some bulbs, feed the birds! However, if none of this appeals to you and you really lack the energy to do anything and just want to curl up on the sofa, then I recommend something like looking through old photos of happy times, finding a good book, listening to music or even looking through travel websites and planning your dream holiday! 🙂

Here’s a few of my happy photos! 🙂

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