New Life Diet Health site… coming soon!

New  Life Diet Health site… coming soon!

Have you ever decided to do something, then given up!? Thought about doing something and decided it was too difficult to even attempt!? Well, when I first started this blog my aim was to write at least once a week… which I have managed to achieve! Hooray! 😀


Anyway, there’s a lot of information which I would like to be readily available to you, but unfortunately doesn’t allow me to do this. So, I am moving this whole site to a self-hosted site (that basically means I control the content and pay money to do so) so I can make the site how I envisaged it to be! 😀

  • Do I know anything about coding? No!
  • Do I know anything about plug-ins & widgets? A bit
  • Do I know how to resize photos so they fit in the space and show up on all platforms (computer, mobile, tablet)? I’ll get there!
  • Do I know how to get rid of random text that keeps popping up? I’m learning!

Image result for puzzled emoji animated

What has made me suddenly decide to take this jump? Well, apparently I have so many photos on this blog that there’s no space (shock horror) to add any more! Yes, I’ve used 99.3% of my photo upload allowance! As I was thinking about moving the site anyway, then now seems a good time! It’s not so easy though… so if you have any tips, ideas, suggestions to make it easier PLEASE add them in the comments! Even if you think it’s so obvious that it’s not worth adding – I can assure you it really will be helpful no matter what it is!!! 😀

I’m hoping my posts will still show up in your feed if you already follow me… but I’ve no idea how that works! It will still be wordpress, but (which is a different site to!  Now I’m confusing myself! 😛

Also, I need YOUR help! Do YOU think I should wait until the site is 100% ready, or shall I start using it now?! Please comment below!    animated-arrow-image-0147



10 thoughts on “New Life Diet Health site… coming soon!

  1. Good luck with the new website☺Sorry, can’t offer any tips, etc. as I’m one of life’s technophobes and I’m not even 40 yet (I was born old haha) x

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    • Eva 🙂 I missed you last week! How’s things? Maybe you can’t offer technical advice but perhaps you have a whole load of ideas of how you like a site to look or what features it should have?! Then there’s the question of new site now or when it’s completely finished…? 😛 x


      • Aww😘Not always able to get wifi at the mo but back in my happy place at Cafe Nero with an overpriced soya latte haha.
        I’m not too fussy about how websites look but as you asked, I do tend to prefer sites that don’t overwhelm me with too much stuff going on (but everyone’s different). Having an ‘Ingredients’ feature to click on to find ideas of cooking with chickpeas, spinach or whatever can be useful (you may have this already). I like your existing ‘previous posts’ feature. All the best with it, whenever it’s ready😊x

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        • 🙂 nomnom latte.. have you had a Costa coconut latte? Oh my!!! I’ll try not to be overwhelming! 😛 I don’t do busy busy myself so I’ll try to keep it minimalistic if I can! Whenever it’s ready… hmmm, that might be a while lol! xxx


      • Aww, that’s sweet of you😚I’m really not that fussy about websites, although I do like an Ingredients index (sorry if you already have this). I’m quite sure I posted a reply yesterday but it seems to have disappeared on my screen for some reason. Anyway, I’m fine thank you (surviving with the in-laws at the mo, haha) x

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