This blog has moved——> Please follow…

blog moved


Hello! Thanks for visiting! We have just moved our site over to here:

Please come over and see what’s new, subscribe and get regular updates!

Check out our first post on the new updated site

See you there! 😀

4 thoughts on “This blog has moved——> Please follow…

  1. Hi, Mary from Cactus Catz here. Just one suggestion with your move. When people click on your wordpress like after you’ve liked them, it directs them here to your old site.You might want to go to the wordpress reader (, click on your icon in the upper right corner, which brings up account menu on the left, click on “account settings”, add your new blog site as the “primary site”, then also type your new blog site into “web address”. This should start directing people to the new site if they’re coming over from “likes”.

    I don’t know about others but from wordpress reader, if someone I hadn’t seen before likes me, I will often click on the like to go see them. I use the bell in the upper right of my blog to see recent activity and when I click on new likes, it takes me to their blog. This is separate from the gravatar the little image icon that shows up next to the like button. If people click on the little image icon next to a like, it takes them to gravatar. I can see you already updated your gravatar to go to your new site. It’s confusing because there is two different ways people can go to your site from a like.

    hope you don’t mind the explanation. i just thought it might be helpful.

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    • Thank you so much Mary. That has indeed explained why people kept liking my ‘this blog has moved’ post!

      I think I have done it now, but if you have time to check it would be much appreciated. I’ll come back to your blog soon to have a read up on as it appears you have some very useful articles that would help me! Many Thanks. Have a great weekend.

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      • Looks like you did it. Congrats! I am very glad I could help.

        Just a heads up in case you get confused because you probably went to and on my comment, it probably said I have a few blogs so I switch between them depending on which one I’m working on a post or answering comments to. Which is why I was so familiar that whole procedure because I switch every other day, lol

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