What do Vegetarians eat on Burns Night? Haggis? Ay they do!

What do Vegetarians eat on Burns Night? Haggis? Ay they do! Burns Night? What even is that? Well, if you are Scottish, then today, 25th January you would more than likely be celebrating “Burns Night”. Robert Burns (1759-1796) is the National Poet (Bard) of Scotland and his life and work is celebrated annually on this day […]

Festive Feast Ideas! (Free-From too)!!!

Festive Feast Ideas! (Free-From too)!!! This week I had absolutely no idea what to post! I’ve been eating of course but mostly pumpkin (again) and chickpeas (as usual)! 😛 So I decided to do a round up of recipes instead to help you get some ideas for the festive season! 😀 This was great fun […]

Pumpkin & Pea Bazi

Pumpkin & Pea Bazi Short, quick and minimum cooking time or long and complicated, all day in the kitchen cooking? Which do you prefer? Or does it vary? Do you like weekday meals to be quick and easy but then spend time at the weekend making something more special? Do you tend to use ready […]

Back to Basics: Roasted Vegetables

Back to Basics: Roasted Vegetables Crispy outside, soft and tender inside, a hint of spice and a whole load of flavour! What’s not to like? 🙂 In the UK the weather has most certainly turned Autumnal, several people have already fired up the central heating and the coats have come out of hiding! There is […]

Aubergine & Chickpea Vegan Bake

Aubergine & Chickpea Vegan Bake So, I am another year older 😀 and have spent almost the whole week being spoilt one way or another! I’ve seen friends, eaten out, been to my parents, had presents, cake, chocolate, been shopping and even been to the park! 😀 Have a look… Anyway, the recipe which I am […]

Cookathon Vegetable Pie & my love for nut butter!

Cookathon Vegetable Pie & my love for nut butter! I hope you’re all having a great weekend! Unbelievably I’ve nearly eaten a whole jar of crunchy almond butter since my delivery on Friday! 😮  I guess it’s a lesson learnt that when you find something you like, you shouldn’t then buy a cheaper version! You couldn’t […]

Mexican Nacho Feast… 3 recipes!

Mexican Nacho Feast… 3 recipes! What a delicious feast I have for you today! 😀 Fantastic for an easy lunch, great for picky eaters as they can build their own and of course everything is vegan and gluten free! 😀 I have three recipes for you today as this dish has three main components! First […]

1st Bloggiversary!!! Colourful Vegetable Quad Bake

1st Bloggiversary! Colourful Vegetable Quad Bake THANK YOU! 🙂 Yes…YOU!!! 🙂 Without ‘you’ I wouldn’t have made it this far! Without ‘you’ there would be nobody to share my recipes with! Without ‘you’ there was no reason to invent, create, test, tweak, retest, photograph and post over 150 recipes! Thank you all for your likes, shares, […]

Happy New Year & Tasty Free-From Potato & Leek Soup

Happy New Year & Tasty Free-From Potato & Leek Soup 2016 is here! Today is the day for all those new year resolutions to start! If I’d been writing this post ten, maybe even five years ago then I would be thinking top on your list would be dieting, less junk food, giving up drinking […]

Potato Cakes – Freefrom & Vegan

Potato Cakes – Freefrom & Vegan Want something quick, hot, tasty and good for you?! Of course you do! 🙂 These delicious potato cakes can be eaten topped with nut butter or jam, split and buttered, stuffed with your favourite filling or even just eaten plain… maybe to mop up your savoury sauces! Simple, less than […]