Don’t judge!

Don’t judge!

What ‘DO’ you eat? or should I ask what ‘DON’T’ you eat? or even ‘HOW’ do you eat it? If you’re one of these people who actually ‘cares’ about what you eat (or where it came from) then you’ve probably been questioned about what you eat!? Or rather… what you ‘don’t’ eat!?ย Maybe people ask your advice about certain foods? Whatย do vegetarians eat for protein? How does a vegan get calcium? Is brown rice better than white rice? Is fruit sugar bad for you? How do I go dairy free? Does buckwheat have gluten in it? Have you heard of the ‘(insert current fad)’ diet!? BUT…

likely is ‘MOST’ people don’t judge! It’s your Life. It’s your Diet. It’s your Health (see what I did there)! ๐Ÿ˜› Of course,ย it’s okay to have an opinion and you can decide to exclude certain foods if it is right for ‘your’ body and ‘your’ lifestyle. ๐Ÿ™‚ So what do you do when someone questions your decisions?! Last week, not once, but twice, on two separate occasions I was questioned! No. Not by my close friends. No. Not by family. But by two complete strangers! Were the questions thought provoking? Not really – because I know my reasons for my diet. Not really – because their arguments were not very strong. Not really – because to challenge my thoughts you need to get through my stubbornness! ๐Ÿ˜› Those of you who know me, will know that once something is in my head, that’s what goes!

Angel WM

#AngeloftheNorth … let’s go see that in the school holidays! It’s only 250 (ish) miles away!


So, the first encounter didn’t really bother me – I was pre-warned! Yes, the waiter actually said I want to ask you something when you’ve finished eating (obviously I was questioning the menu items to check they were suitable to eat).

ottoman WM

Delicious LifeDietHealth approved food… falafel, houmous and salad.


The second time however shocked me. A LOT!!! Don’t judge! You eat what you want. You eat how you want. Put your opinions and reasons across. Don’t judge! ‘I’ WILL eat what ‘I’ want. ‘I’ WILL eat how ‘I’ want! It is NOT your place to tell me what to do!!! Your diet works for you. My diet works for me. Advise but don’t pressure! Give knowledge but don’t force it on people. Don’t use shock tactics to scare people about diet. Don’t judge!

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The moral to this is… eat what you think is best for you. Don’t force your ideas on others. Know when someone wants more information and guidance and offer it gently. If your ideas are wacky and out there, so be it, but keep them to yourself!!!

DSC_0564 WM

Gorgeous evening sky… well worth driving 250+ miles to!

13 thoughts on “Don’t judge!

  1. Interesting…I’ve met several people who seemed to think that what I choose to eat and drink – or, like you say, what I choose not to eat and drink – has some reflection on them. I find it such an odd response. My choices are just that, my own, nothing to do with anyone else.

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  2. I get questioned regularly too because I’m on an elimination diet for my son who is allergic / intolerant to a bunch of foods. People just don’t really believe it. But I know what I’m doing is helping him.

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  3. You have to know that a lot of people judge other because of ignorance or of not knowing any better! You choose what you want & like to eat or not.

    Because I make a lot of vegan foods, some vegans tell me I got to go vegan the whole 100%! I choose not to, I prefer to eat vegan 4x/week & eat organic chicken & organic pork from time to time, ….I feel better eatting this way. Some vegans have unsubscribed from my blog or Facebook because of this, but is is my body, my blog my life,…you see? xxx Hugs! x

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    • WOW! Seriously! You had people unsubscribe because you weren’t vegan?! Gosh… couldn’t they see that you do amazing food and they could just pick & choose what they read! or indeed adapt the recipes to their tastes! I hope that hasn’t put you off vegans! ๐Ÿ˜› There must be some fortunate (or lonely)!? vegans out there if they make all their family and friends vegan too! I enjoy looking at all recipes (meat, fish, chicken, cheese, the lot) for ideas but it doesn’t mean I have to eat them! I might cook them for others who don’t share my views but it’s not for me (or anyone else) to dictate to others how they live their lives (unless asked of course! ๐Ÿ˜› ) Loving all your new videos by the way! ๐Ÿ™‚ x x x


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