Baked Apple Oatmeal Bites (D.E.G.F.)

Baked Apple Oatmeal Bites

It’s another cold and frosty morning here in the UK so breakfast needed to be something hot and comforting! Although I do love a bowl of porridge with almond butter and sliced banana, today I wanted to try something different! I have seen several baked oatmeal recipes floating around and decided that (if I could avoid turning it into flapjack nom nom 🙂 ) I would give it a go. I baked this in silicon petit four cases so they are just the right size to pop in your mouth (if you’re anything like my husband) or for the daintier amongst us, to bite in half! This mixture made five which was just right for a filling protein punching breakfast! Have a look and see what you think?


  • 25g Unsweetened apple sauce (plus extra if too dry)
  • 50g Porridge Oats (gluten free if required)
  • 1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • Sprinkling (that’s less than a pinch) of salt
  • 5g almonds chopped (mine weighed 1g each)


  1. Put the apple sauce in a bowl and cover with the oats.
  2. Scatter the cinnamon, baking powder and salt over the oats then stir to combine.
  3. Stir the almonds through. Check consistency and add more apple sauce if too dry.
  4. Spoon into cases.
  5. Bake at Gas Mark 3 (325f / 160c) for 20 minutes until golden brown.
  6. Have a yummy breakfast! Enjoy!


I would (and did) eat these straight out of the oven but they were so yummy I made another batch to see how they are when cold! A different taste but yummy with fresh banana, nuts, nut butter or your favourite jam (try my berry blast)!

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