Back to Basics: Perfect ‘Magic’ Porridge

Back to Basics: Perfect ‘Magic’ Porridge

Back to basics is a new series I’ve decided to run as I keep getting asked how to do what I would call simple basic everyday cooking! 🙂 Perfect Porridge will be the first in this series and as yet there is no set plan for regular posting! I will still be creating and inventing delicious vegan and free from foods so don’t worry! 🙂

Have you ever read the (Ladybird) story of ‘The Magic Porridge Pot? You know, the one where the Mum makes porridge but forgets to stop it… so it just keeps flowing and flowing and flowing out of the pot! 🙂 The whole street is full of porridge!

Thankfully that is very unlikely to happen BUT if you get your porridge right, you might want to make it again and again! 😛 Porridge is quite versatile and so very good for you! 🙂 Oats (whether regular or gluten free) are wholegrain so they make a great choice for breakfast as they release energy slowly and keep you full (usually until lunch)! Oats naturally contain very little salt and hardly any saturated fat therefore making them great foods if you’re trying to reduce either of these!

What about vitamins and minerals? Well, oats contain iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, calcium and B vitamins too 🙂 Additionally, oats contain a carbohydrate called beta-glucan which has been proven to lower (LDL) cholesterol. 🙂 What’s not to like about these super little grains!

So… a basic porridge can be made with just two ingredients: Oats & liquid. Most people use milk to make porridge but it is down to personal preference. You can use oats and water; oats and milk; or a mixture of oats, water and milk. In the Life Diet Health house we use unsweetened carton coconut milk and sometimes mix this with water. You can make porridge in a pan or in the microwave and depending on the consistency you prefer, you need about 6-7 times the amount of liquid to oats, for example:

  • Oats            Liquid
  • 30g              180-210ml
  • 40g             240-280ml
  • 50g             300-350ml

Put the oats and liquid either in a microwaveable bowl (don’t fill it to the top), or in a saucepan. Microwave for two minutes then stir, or gently heat on the cooker for 2-5 minutes. Tada! That’s it! You have porridge! 🙂 If it’s too thick, add a drop more liquid, stir through and cook for another minute. If it’s too thin, cook for a further minute or two until it looks just right!

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Now you know the basics… let’s get creative! 🙂


You can add flavourings to your porridge before cooking to give it a whole new taste. Try adding any (or a few) of the following: 1/2 teaspoon of cacao powder; 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon; 1 tablespoon coconut; 1 tablespoon nut butter; 1/2 mashed banana; 1/4 teaspoon mixed spice; handful of blueberries or raspberries; pinch of salt; pinch of ginger; tablespoon of raisins; 2-3 chopped dried apricots or dates; tablespoon of seeds or chopped nuts or a teaspoon of molasses or syrup.


Once your porridge is cooked to your desired thickness (with or without additions), it’s time to eat! It’s completely fine as it is or you could pour a little bit of milk around the edge, sprinkle with your favourite sugar, or stir through a spoonful of jam! Fresh fruit (especially berries or banana) go great with porridge, as do nuts, seeds, coconut, nut butter or even if you must… chocolate spread!

Life Diet Health Current Porridge Favourites

  • Add in a banana, cacao, cinnamon and coconut before cooking. Top with blueberries and mixed seeds.
  • Just add cinnamon before cooking, then top with banana and fresh milk.
  • Add cacao before cooking, then stir through a spoon of almond butter and sprinkle with coconut.

Please don’t be scared to leave comments below! 🙂 I do personally reply to all messages and it’s a great way to engage with others and exchange ideas! You could tell me if there’s anything specific you’d like to see in back to basics ? Or share your current favourite porridge for others to try! 🙂

21 thoughts on “Back to Basics: Perfect ‘Magic’ Porridge

  1. Such an easy and satisfying food. I love making mine into a bounty bar using cacao and coconut or a museli style version full of nuts and seeds for a super dose of omega 3. I could eat porridge all day!

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  2. Your porridge variations look so delicious! We’ve been eating porridge for breakfast for 2-3 months now and we’re still loving it. Chocolate one with bananas or vanilla one with cherries… Yum! The best thing about porridge is that it keeps you satiated for a while 🙂

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