Back to Basics: Coleslaw

Back to Basics: Coleslaw

Yes. I know. You can buy it from the store! Coleslaw though is different wherever you buy it! Some are too creamy, some have a lot of onion in, others are watery or taste vinegary. So, how about you create your own coleslaw so it’s just how you want it every time. Think of coleslaw as a delicious way to get two of your five a day! Once you try your own version, you really will always rustle some up… just because it’s so good with everything! 😀

Coleslaw is incredibly customisable, as long as you have carrots, then you can pretty much make coleslaw! Don’t shout! Okay, so coleslaw is traditionally shredded cabbage so I guess you should really start with that, but I much prefer to use carrots as the base! Yes, you need a binder as well and a touch of salt and pepper, but it really is that easy!

So, you either need a grater, or a very good knife. Usually we grate the carrots, then finely chop the cabbage, but you could grate both, chop both or grate the cabbage and chop the carrots if you really wanted to! I would add a little bit of onion – preferably red so it’s not too strong or even spring onions work well.

Coleslaw (1)

Carrot & Red Cabbage Coleslaw with onion


The cabbage can be red cabbage (my favourite choice), white cabbage or even Chinese leaves. You could use courgettes, pak choi or even savoy or kale. Better still, use a variety of different vegetables or make several different coleslaws.

We use natural yogurt (coconut) to bind our coleslaws, but you can use mayonnaise, sour cream, or ranch dressing for example. We sometimes use yogurt mixed with houmous and tahini if we want a slightly different taste – it’s your coleslaw, you choose! A splash of balsamic or orange juice can brighten it up and make your coleslaw sensational! Season with salt and pepper and it’s ready to go! 😀

Coleslaw (2)

Courgettes & Carrots make this trendy coleslaw light & fresh


If you’re feeling extravagant, mix in some grated cheese, sprinkle with some raw or lightly toasted nuts or seeds or try adding a handful of raisins.

Measurements wise – roughly equal on carrot and cabbage, then as much or as little dressing as you like! We usually use about 4 medium carrots, a quarter of a small cabbage, half a small onion, 2-3 tablespoons yogurt, a touch of salt and a good sprinkling of black pepper!


Coleslaw (3)

Carrot & Cheese (vegan) coleslaw with plenty of black pepper


Serve with everything! Put it in wraps, dollop it on burgers, eat with kebabs,  put it on your jacket potatoes! Yummy! 🙂

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever made coleslaw and what your favourite combination is or would be!  😀

Coleslaw (1)

Which would you choose? Traditional, trendy or cheesy!?

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